These results were apparent after just 6 weeks of a 2 hour/week workshop. Results are likely to improve further.








Based on the impact LEO has had on the parameters shown above, we estimate we’re saving organizations almost 2k per employee per year.
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What is LEO?

LEO offers the unique solution to group productivity by starting with the individual.  People are, after all, every business’ core asset. Through an agile framework of seminars, workshops, empirical study, and data analysis, LEO conveys cognitive and behavioral concepts that enable individuals to stimulate neural pathways in pursuit of a permanent, high performance mind state.  We emphasize self-sustaining change within each team-member that accelerates growth across an organization.

About Us

How does it work?

  • Collaborative-LEO works in concert with an organization’s current strategy by removing inner obstacles toward teamwork. 

  • Sustainable-LEO provides the tools for team-members to recognize and re-frame patterns of thought that inhibit engagement and impact health.  A new way of thinking informs a new way of performing.

  • Modular-LEO facilitates the efficacy of all team initiatives by providing the core set of tools essential to flexibility, communication, and risk-assessment — all universal components of high performance.

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Our Approach

  • Action Research-LEO is rooted in the principle of action research.  By first assessing the fits and needs of an organization, LEO creates a unique program of workshops, activities and models with benchmarks used to track changes in productivity.  

  • Agile Framework- Giving and receiving feedback allows people to “fail” fast and rapidly incorporate information into their own strategies for improvement.  LEO measures feedback through clinically proven assessments such as the PHQ-9, GAD-7, W.H.O. QOL questionnaire, Brief Resilience Scale, and others.

  • Neuroplasticity- The ideas behind LEO are rooted in neuroplasticity — the principle that the mind can change the brain.  By training the brain to tolerate broader levels of accountability, individuals achieve higher measurements of performance, creative risk-assessment, and self-esteem.

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