It has never been more difficult to be a leader. Changing markets, disruptive innovation and increased competition threaten every industry. Internally, employees are agitated, distracted, disengaged, and ill-equipped to adjust to marketplace demands. Imagine: a single solution for both threats.

The Life Ecology Organization (LEO) has developed a comprehensive, empirically validated, science-derived program to substantially and quickly improve resilience and instill a growth mindset. This approach helps to address and solve external and internal threats to organizations. At LEO, we are passionate about empowering individuals and teams to pursue innovation with greater fearlessness and effectiveness. Individuals will learn tools that are practical and immediately impactful. Specifically, we are able to help employees and teams adopt a radical growth mindset by substantially stabilizing and optimizing their brains to tolerate much higher and broader levels of accountability for performance, creative risk taking, and self-improvement. Every process within the organization will be improved.

We are particularly adept at accelerating the conversion to an Agile team structure. The result is employees who feel more control over their process, seek constant growth in a range of skills, and experience a sense of purpose as they become directly connected with and responsive to end-users. This new breed of engaged employee will melt away common issues such as low engagement, absenteeism, and turnover. Leaders are enabled to focus on direction, resources, and market relationships.

We have delivered the LEO Program to a range of demographics and industries. LEO has been empirically validated to facilitate increased individual and team effectiveness via a number of measured psychological and biological phenomena. The program works for 100% of groups that participate. The curriculum distills medical and brain science concepts into plain language, which permits the participants to easily identify with the content. Employees quickly learn and deploy the skills of growth mindset, becoming self-scientists and facilitating difficult conversations within hours.

LEO is also an accelerant for any of your existing systems which aim to increase effectiveness across the organization, including performance management, business strategy, marketing, wellness, and learning management. The links below provide additional information about the LEO program. LEO will support current improvement initiatives as employees learn greater openness to new ideas and tools offered by leaders.

This is an exciting time of brain science informing organizational effectiveness. If we make the brain more effective, individuals, work groups, and eventually the entire organization improves and can withstand the rapid changes of the outside world. At LEO we’re excited to provide you a comprehensive solution for achieving and/or maintaining organizational greatness.  

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