Our program is highly reputable and trusted as evidenced by our testimonials:

“I found the connection between fearlessness and leadership very interesting and provocative”

“The science was enlightening”

“Very interesting content that i can apply to my personal and work lives”

“What I’ve learned has possibly saved my life, literally”.

“Learning about what holds people back is really interesting because most of those things are misunderstood by almost everyone”.

I have tried to think about challenges in different ways since we started the LEO Program”. 

“My perspective on life has changed. I know which things feed the lower brain and end up harming my potential. I have also learned that life is great, and that if handled correctly, beauty can be found in any situation”.

97% of participants agreed the LEO Program instructor: was knowledgeable, responded well to questions, communicated effectively, and established good relationships.

“I’ve always believed in and dabbled with mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, but the LEO program helped me understand the benefits from a scientific perspective.  The “Insights” we learned throughout the sessions, have allowed me to accelerate my journey of finding true happiness in life.”

“The LEO Program is the only program I have ever come across that takes a holistic and scientific approach to understanding and transforming yourself to a healthier and happier you.”